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Get help applying for low-cost health coverage for your family.

How to Apply

Need Help: 1-800-990-8247
Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

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Application Process

Step 1 — Fill out an application

Step 2 — Get approved

  • The State of Texas will tell you if you can get CHIP or Medicaid for you or your children. They should contact you within 45 days. Be sure to complete the application and provide all the documents and proof they require. 
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Step 3 — Choose a plan and doctor

Step 4 — Start enjoying the benefits

  • As a Texas Children's Health Plan member, you will have access to the best doctors and care. Our members also get great extras such as soccer clinics, free personal health coaching and weight loss programs, childbirth education classes, gift programs for pregnant members and free transportation to your doctor.